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Together, reinventing journalism.

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Shares in Switzerland, it is also and especially the news in Switzerland. We denounce especially the disproportionate measures in respect of the swiss population during the health crisis. But now, the news has taken a sharp turn for the more wide and also includes information in general, all of the most critical possible.

Actions of citizens

We are not a medium like any other, we love too much freedom to sit idly by when the government goes too far with measurements foolish and coercive... This is why we are also proudly involved in various events and actions. We have the support of resistance movements in switzerland.

Video media

Shares in Switzerland's better in the video. Check out our interviews, debates, conferences and testimonials on our channels YouTube and Odysee.

Organization of events

The most important thing for us is that people don't feel alone, this is why we are not like the others. We also organise events where people can meet and unite in order to resist together !

A critical approach

Critical thinking is the basis of journalism, but to work, it must remain neutral and independent. This is the reason for which Actions Switzerland, will always be independent, and our reporters in the most neutral way possible. Our goal is not to make a sensational, or to make you believe everything that we write, but you can easily do your own research. By following our articles (just like those of other media for that matter) we strongly recommend that you continue your research and read the source, so you can form your own opinion.

Sharing of experience

Take advantage of our experience and equipment to stream on your social networks thanks to our small team of technicians of video production.

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  • Portrait inspiration from a restorative resistant : the interview with Raffaella

    Portrait inspiration from a restorative resistant : the interview with Raffaella

    Support Raffaella, restorative passionate and resistant to Martigny, which refuses to impose sanitary measures in its restaurant.




    Collecte de signatures pour prolongation de la loi Covid: Rejoignez Actions Suisse aux journées de collecte les 14 et 28 janvier à la Chaux-de-Fonds. Commandez les feuilles sur https://mesures-non.ch/signer/




    Bern and biel / Bienne refuse the imposition of surveillance cameras in their public space by the cantonal authorities, an act in preparation provides that the Township to replace the municipalities.


The content produced by Shares Switzerland

Here's a public playlist of the projects that we have worked with in the past and we can be proud of.


Together, reinventing journalism.

We are working on a volunteer basis, which sets us apart from many other reporters and journalists because we write for the sake of information.

A lot of things have changed for us over the last few months and we are grateful for your support, both emotional and financial. Thanks to this support, we were able to buy the quality equipment with which we can produce even more content.

Journalism has always been an integral part of the company. Despite this, he has faced many setbacks in recent years and needs to be saved. The best way to achieve this is to move away from what was traditionally the journalism and innovate. Together, let's create the future.


Founded on December 12, 2020, Shares of Switzerland has to defend our human rights and fundamental freedoms following the measures more restrictive in place. A turnaround occurred in the movement end of 2021, when its founder has been arrested several times for having shouted and shot his support during gatherings for the freedoms of citizens and of free will. After which, the state media have treated his followers to complotistes and founder of troublemaker. Now, Actions, Switzerland wants to be a media critic free and independent.

How to follow us

Our articles can be read on our page article. The videos can be viewed on YouTube. A string Odysee has been created as a backup to YouTube. A channel information is available on Telegram and a newsletter coming soon.

What are the opinions about us ?

Your opinion is important to us !

SHARES in SWITZERLAND it is the youth and energy to the service of those who have questions and are looking for information that is objective, factual. It is giving back to the word at all.
ACTIONS SWITZERLAND is everywhere where something happens and above all offer a different point of view from that of the narrative official. What to feed the curious minds.
A great work of journalism, with surveys searched ! We do not get tired. And all this in a playful mode, and tells that this is in the reports or Telegram. What a treat !
Raphael, the young founder of Actions switzerland has worked hard and did not hesitate to take the initiative, putting in a dangerous situation, personally and professionally.
The truth bothers. Raphaël us unveils. We can only encourage it !

Michelle Cailler

Thank you to Raphael and the entire team for their tremendous work, without them there would have been beaucoupp more ignorant ! Many would be discouraged as...
Raphael and the team Shares Switzerland we have worn, sustained and revitalized ! The valuable assistance provided is invaluable, because thanks to them, we were not alone. Thanks to them we are together, thanks to them we have also seen that the police did not hesitate, and it has unveiled a truth of reality. Bravo Raphael, still on the ground for all of us, always with good mood ! A guy exceptional and rare that we will always cherish and that we love never enough !
Bravo to the team.
For me Actions Switzerland is an essential element to our survival !


Hello, thank you for your work, it is essential and a real life-saver. However, you should strengthen your presence with our young people, that is to say, the teens and young adults, who are grind and handle by the school system, where blackmail is the most repulsive. Know that they have rights, and especially, especially that they are not alone. Because it is in this age that is born of the free will, that we dare to forge his own view of things, but during those 2 years the system has unfortunately hindered this sacred act. It is necessary to support young people. For they dare to follow their instinct, to escape to this charade, and preserve their health. Thank you ?


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