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We organize debates in order to compare two different opinions and allow you to get an idea critical of the subject matter.

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Soutien à Albert Knobel !

Soutien à Albert Knobel !

Le jeudi 18 août 2022, à 9 heures, au Tribunal cantonal de Lucerne, Albert Knobel (ancien cycliste professionnel) sera auditionné pour un très long procès.

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Switzerland in the black because of the parties divided ?

The attacks come from all sides. The Greens claim that Simonetta Sommaruga advance too slowly, the energy transition and "scatter". The UDC has also expressed this week of bitter criticism against the minister. The party demands that...

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Will it lower the heating in the house this winter ?

SWITZERLAND :⚡️ "This is in any case a recommendation," I said Gui Parmelin during the conférance press on Wednesday. "Today there is a concrete risk of a shortage of gas on the european scale (...) Switzerland has no gas storage facility...

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